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  • Jean Christophe DECAUX


The way is not the end

Rather a start to what's to come

This rising energy that nothing can stop

A wave bigger than the others

One of those we don't expect

For a few moments the fear

Too late to go back

She overwhelms, overturns

Sweeps away everything in its path

No more landmarks, down, up,

Front, back, true, false,

Just a need, a survival reflex,

Breathe and find a way out.

The heart races, the air begins to run out,

Of the body in a last burst

A life energy arises

That propels us out of the tumult

A big breath of fresh air hits us in the face

Ripping the last fears into stars

Peace of souls settles in the heart

The gaze turns towards the horizon

A sky clear of clouds looms

Nothing matters more than the present moment

The one who makes us alive

No matter what tomorrow will be

One goal in mind

Be a little freer every day that point.

Jean Christophe

November 3

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