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  • Jean Christophe DECAUX


After giving so much to man

Wheat in abundance, bread of the day

Straw bales, winter layer

The earth dries up in the sun

She cracks and hardens

Dead skin, pebbles playground

Of those who trace paths

Flute of stubble memories of life

The furrows traced by man undulate the landscape

They call the water to come and regenerate its pores

The grains of earth draw a new shore

A virgin beach ready to be seeded

Cycle renewal

Earth Gifts

Image of our course

Open the door to the great leaching

Let the bodies rest

Trust the alchemy of the rising

who is not vain

give time to time

A song will come

First there will be whispers of children

Growing with the wind

It will become a river then a torrent

The tumult of a life that is coming

Even more beautiful than before.

Jean Christophe

October 10

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