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  • Jean Christophe DECAUX


Heart filled with hope

Sea in sight

New beginning

Enjoy every moment

Break old habits

From allways faster

To always further

Everything here is at your fingertips

Just open your eyes

Slow down and seize the moment

This flower that can awaken at any time

This fruit that can be tasted tenderly

So ephemeral but so lasting at the same time

No matter the direction of the wind

No more countercurrent

Be a light and enlightened plume

Let yourself be carried along the way

Follow the tracks already taken

And do your part every day that point

Make good intentions

Merge into attention

In the service of magic

Share a smile, a look

Sign of recognition and gratitude

Write, say, sing, dance,

Carry a word full of hope

With ever greater love

Of a life renewed every day

Jean Christophe

October 30

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